Working on noise complaints on Tredegar Square

11 July, 2022 | Local action

Residents in Tredegar Square have been reporting ongoing and worsening noise and ASB in the gardens on the square.

Why is this happening?

The square used to be closed by the parks team in the council but that was stopped during the COVID-19 to allow residents to more freely access green spaces. There is now no longer the funding available to close this and many other parks across the borough at night.

In addition, youth centres in Tower Hamlets have been closed and services for young people cut over the past decade. This means that there are many young people with no safe places to go and relax outside the home. In addition, chronic overcrowding in the borough causes young people to want to spend more time outside.

What have I been doing?

I have been working on trying to resolve the ongoing ASB issues and noise disturbances:


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