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Councillor Nathalie Bienfait

Representing Bow West in Tower Hamlets

Category: Council-level work

Chisenhale School Street

17 November, 2022

This is a summary of the conversations and fight to save the school street around Chisenhale Primary School in Bow. What are school streets? A school street is a set of measures around a school which encourage parents to walk and cycle to the school and discourage parents from driving their cars to the school. The main aims of school…   Read More >

Successful monthly speed watch

19 November, 2022

I’m very pleased that our, now regular, speed watch events are a success. We are going out monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month to observe speeding drivers in Bow West. All interested volunteers are welcome to join us, just let me know if you’d like to come and I will let you know where we are meeting. So…   Read More >

Skew Bridge crash resolution

9 November, 2022

I am very pleased to report that the repairs works have finally been completed following a crash off Skew Bridge in August. What happened? In August 2022, a car crashed into a garden fence near Skew Bridge along Old Ford Road in Bow. Luckily no one was hurt in the crash, but the damage was significant. Some railings protecting pedestrians…   Read More >

Standing up for social tenants and leaseholders

14 October, 2022

A big part of my role as a councillor is supporting tenants of social landlords or Housing Associations (HAs). This post is designed to be an extended general explanation of the history of HAs, my experience of them since my election and what I am doing to represent residents in Bow West. Background and history Housing Associations are an invention…   Read More >

Green waste recycling project Ranwell West

24 November, 2022

A very exciting project has been launched to start green waste recycling – composting – on the Ranwell West estate. Academics from Queen Mary University will be conducting a behavioural study of residents to find out what system might work for people who live on the estate. Background Currently, neither food waste nor green waste is not collected from flats…   Read More >

Reducing ASB on Malmesbury Estate

17 September, 2022

Anti-Social Behaviour is a complicated issue and it has no easy response. However, I’ve been doing my best to understand the issue and bring together resources to combat it. What is the issue? I’ve had lots of reports from residents of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on the Malmesbury Estate. Sometimes, behaviour is harmless, but too often residents are made to feel…   Read More >

Victoria Park Splash Pool

3 August, 2022

Many young visitors to Victoria Park enjoy using the Splash Pool which was installed with National Lottery money awarded in 2010. What is the problem? The splash pool was out of action for quite a few months this summer and I had lots of disappointed residents contact me to ask when it would be fixed. When I spoke to the…   Read More >

Sorting out fly-tipping along Roman Road

17 August, 2022

I’ve been working with the Council’s waste crews to make sure Roman Road stays clean and tidy. What was the problem? The corner of Roman Road with Medway Road had become a dumping ground for residents to put their waste. Rubbish bags, bulky fly-tipping and food all were piling up right up against a resident’s wall. It had become a…   Read More >

Speedwatch along the Roman

31 July, 2022

I organised for a team of local Police to come to Bow and lead a Speedwatch event along Roman Road. The Police team brought a camera device which can be used to see the speed of passing vehicles. If a car was driving too fast, another person was prepped with a clipboard and wrote down the number-plate, make and model…   Read More >

Bow Neighbourhood Plan and Forum

14 September, 2022

Bow residents have successfully agreed a Neighbourhood Plan for Bow. The Plan was approved by the Mayor and Cabinet, and was overwhelmingly approved through a referendum on 13 October 2022. You can read the adopted plan here: http://romanroadbowneighbourhoodplan.org/plan The plan gives broad outlines of the types of developments/houses and public realm features the residents of Bow want for their area….   Read More >