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Councillor Nathalie Bienfait

Representing Bow West in Tower Hamlets

Category: Council-level work

Aspire administration to increase major events in Victoria Park

5 December, 2023

I have been shocked and frustrated at a decision taken by the Aspire administration in Tower Hamlets to increase the number of major event days allowed in Victoria Park – the jewel in our borough’s crown. Events in the park are known to local residents to be highly disruptive, both while the events are taking place and while event infrastructure…   Read More >

All Points East festival 2023

29 August, 2023

This year, one of Britain’s favourite parks, Victoria Park, was again host to a major music festival, All Points East. While improvements have been made by the event organisers in recent years, I object to the events being held in the park in August school holidays, given that many surrounding residents do not have their own outside space and rely…   Read More >

HAC Bow: events, disruption, updates

18 May, 2023

This is an ongoing situation and this blog post is being updated regularly as I obtain more information. Please contact me if you have any questions. Background Concerns were first raised to me regarding events being held at the HAC venue on Morgan Street after the tragic death of a teenager in September 2022. Concerns included: Following reports of these…   Read More >

Working together to solve problem parking

20 April, 2023

We have had a recent success in a long-running problem with parking on Aberavon Road. Residents, Tower Hamlets Parking Enforcement team and myself have worked together effectively to catch and fine a driver who has been parking illegally on the road. Background Residents reported to me some months ago that they had noticed that parking was becoming more and more…   Read More >

Victoria Park dog attack – dog warden response

29 March, 2023

Following a high-profile dog attack in Victoria Park, the Tower Hamlets Dog Wardens have given some advice and reassurance around dealing with dangerous dogs. Background Many residents will have been shocked to see footage of a dog attacking a police horse in Victoria Park a few weeks ago. The story was reported on by the Daily Mail and other news…   Read More >

Fireworks in Tower Hamlets

15 October, 2023

While they might be fun, pretty and traditional for many cultures around the world, fireworks are harmful for people and animals. They generate noise and air pollution that is upsetting and potentially dangerous. While the council does not have the power to ban sale of fireworks, they do have responsibilities to enforce licensing laws made by central government. In the…   Read More >

Chisenhale School Street

17 November, 2022

This is a summary of the conversations and fight to save the school street around Chisenhale Primary School in Bow. What are school streets? A school street is a set of measures around a school which encourage parents to walk and cycle to the school and discourage parents from driving their cars to the school. The main aims of school…   Read More >

Successful monthly speed watch

19 November, 2022

I’m very pleased that our, now regular, speed watch events are a success. We are going out monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month to observe speeding drivers in Bow West. All interested volunteers are welcome to join us, just let me know if you’d like to come and I will let you know where we are meeting. So…   Read More >

Skew Bridge crash resolution

9 November, 2022

I am very pleased to report that the repairs works have finally been completed following a crash off Skew Bridge in August. What happened? In August 2022, a car crashed into a garden fence near Skew Bridge along Old Ford Road in Bow. Luckily no one was hurt in the crash, but the damage was significant. Some railings protecting pedestrians…   Read More >

Standing up for social tenants and leaseholders

14 October, 2022

A big part of my role as a councillor is supporting tenants of social landlords or Housing Associations (HAs). This post is designed to be an extended general explanation of the history of HAs, my experience of them since my election and what I am doing to represent residents in Bow West. Background and history Housing Associations are an invention…   Read More >