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Councillor Nathalie Bienfait

Representing Bow West in Tower Hamlets

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My response to the Mayor’s plans to rip out beneficial low-traffic infrastructure

29 September, 2022 | Council-level work

Residents and campaigners in Tower Hamlets stand ready to oppose Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s ideological tirade against LTNs. Removing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) was a prominent part of recently-elected Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s manifesto. Despite his victory in May, it is becoming clear that the Mayor may have overestimated how important this policy was in his victory.  There has been a significant…   Read More >

Reducing ASB on Malmesbury Estate

17 September, 2022 | Local action

Anti-Social Behaviour is a complicated issue and it has no easy response. However, I’ve been doing my best to understand the issue and bring together resources to combat it. What is the issue? I’ve had lots of reports from residents of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on the Malmesbury Estate. Sometimes, behaviour is harmless, but too often residents are made to feel…   Read More >

Bow Neighbourhood Plan and Forum

14 September, 2022 | Local action

Bow residents have successfully agreed a Neighbourhood Plan for Bow. The Plan was approved by the Mayor and Cabinet, and was overwhelmingly approved through a referendum on 13 October 2022. You can read the adopted plan here: http://romanroadbowneighbourhoodplan.org/plan The plan gives broad outlines of the types of developments/houses and public realm features the residents of Bow want for their area….   Read More >