Resolving ASB in Chisenhale Road area

11 July, 2022 | Local action

I’ve been working with local residents to resolve ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in the area around Chisenhale Road, Bow.

Repeated reports have been made to me about regular disruption on Chisenhale Road. Many residents report that the situation is made worse by the presence of the barriers around the primary school’s outside play area.

The future of the school’s play area is uncertain, given the recent election and change of administration in Tower Hamlets Council. Officers have reported that they have been instructed to put all decision making on hold for the time being.

I’ve taken a number of steps to resolve the issues of ASB while the school’s enclosure stays:

  • I’ve arranged for a new bin to go near the school to help stop the littering that happens along with the ASB.
  • I’ve made contact with the council’s ASB team who have advised residents to make reports when they see ASB happening. If you’d like to make a report, you can do so here:
  • I’ve also asked the local Safer Neighbourhoods Police team for advice. They have said they are aware of the issues in the area and have increased their patrols to the area. For non-emergency reports, you can email the team here:
  • The police also encourage residents to let them know if they see crimes happening (call 101 to make a non-urgent crime report), or if there is an emergency (call 999).


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