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Councillor Nathalie Bienfait

Representing Bow West in Tower Hamlets

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Glyphosate project

25 October, 2022 | Council-level work

I have been working with local campaigners and council officers to make Tower Hamlets the first borough in the country to ban the harmful weed killer glyphosate from regular use. Background on glyphosate Glyphosate is a particularly effective weed killer which is the primary active ingredient in herbicides like RoundUp, sold the world over to farmers, businesses, consumers and land…   Read More >

Standing up for social tenants and leaseholders

14 October, 2022 | Local action

A big part of my role as a councillor is supporting tenants of social landlords or Housing Associations (HAs). This post is designed to be an extended general explanation of the history of HAs, my experience of them since my election and what I am doing to represent residents in Bow West. Background and history Housing Associations are an invention…   Read More >

Full council meeting 5 October 2022

6 October, 2022 | Council-level work

Full council meetings happen every 2 months. It is the forum where all the Councillors and the Mayor get together to debate and vote on motions and hear from members of the public. The agenda and other papers are here: Meeting Documents A link to the recording is here: Council Meeting My contributions: The most important part of this meeting for…   Read More >