Reducing ASB on Malmesbury Estate

17 September, 2022 | Local action

Anti-Social Behaviour is a complicated issue and it has no easy response. However, I’ve been doing my best to understand the issue and bring together resources to combat it.

What is the issue?

I’ve had lots of reports from residents of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on the Malmesbury Estate. Sometimes, behaviour is harmless, but too often residents are made to feel unsafe in their homes. There are also more serious issues of crime occurring alongside ASB.

What have I been doing?

I met with the Tower Hamlets Homes ASB officer for the Malmesbury Estate area and he talked me through the team’s approach. They like to take a cautious approach while on their patrols to make sure they are not making situations worse by being confrontational.

But if they find that issues carry on, they will take action. For example, they might speak to the family members of perpetrators or they can issue warnings. They work closely with local police teams to share information.

What can residents do?

Reporting ASB is really important for getting evidence and helping teams know where to patrol. If you see ASB happening there are several options:

Tower Hamlets Council’s ASB team:

Tower Hamlets Homes ASB team:

Reporting criminal behaviour:

  • Email:
  • Phone (not 24h): 020 8649 3521
  • Secondary phone (not 24hr): 07917 013 349
  • Non-emergency MET number: 101
  • Emergency number: 999

What can still be done?

ASB is such a complex issue and involves many factors like how we as a community get along, how well we know our neighbours, the design and upkeep of our public places, overcrowding of homes and funding for youth services. I am pleased that the Aspire Administration sees the importance of investing in public services and housing.

I’m going to be working with residents over the coming months to encourage more community cohesion and information sharing around ASB.


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