Bow Neighbourhood Plan and Forum

14 September, 2022 | Local action

Bow residents have successfully agreed a Neighbourhood Plan for Bow. The Plan was approved by the Mayor and Cabinet, and was overwhelmingly approved through a referendum on 13 October 2022.

You can read the adopted plan here:

The plan gives broad outlines of the types of developments/houses and public realm features the residents of Bow want for their area.

Now that it has been approved by Bow residents at the referendum, the plan will be used as a guidance document by the Planning Team in the council and other planning bodies when approving/rejecting new planning applications for Bow.

The only context this plan is relevant for is applications for new buildings or changes to existing buildings.

The plan also establishes the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum which is a group of residents who will be asked to provide responses to new planning applications the area on the basis of the agreed plan. This is a really important feature which increases residents’ involvement in the often exclusionary Planning process.

Neighbourhood Plans are sometimes criticised because the process is still not easy to understand for many local residents. However, without the plan, it is very hard for residents to have a formal and coordinated say in the planning process. This can lead to private developers, big businesses and the planning team at the council making decisions for our area without any input from residents.

Who can vote?

All residents of Bow who are eligible and registered to vote in local elections can vote in this poll. Not going to be here on 13 October? Check the timeline here on the Council’s website to see if you are in time to register for postal or proxy votes.

Want more information?

Local news sites have published some great information to find out more:


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