Full council meeting 5 October 2022

6 October, 2022 | Council-level work

Full council meetings happen every 2 months. It is the forum where all the Councillors and the Mayor get together to debate and vote on motions and hear from members of the public.

The agenda and other papers are here: Meeting Documents

A link to the recording is here: Council Meeting

My contributions:

The most important part of this meeting for me was the petition brought by the Save Our Safer Streets campaign to respond to Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s swift action to consult residents on removing low traffic measures recently installed by Labour.

The campaign group has been working tirelessly over the past few months, coordinating a grass-roots campaign which has brought residents together in their opposition to the Mayor’s manifesto pledge.

The culmination of their campaign has been organising a petition which gained over 3000 signatures – an awesome achievement! Because the petition reached over 2000 signatures, it was granted a debate at this meeting.

In the debate, I made a speech which you can watch at 01:08:33 at the recording link above. My main points were:

  • It is very encouraging to see that the Mayor is listening because he postponed his decision at the last cabinet meeting.
  • There is evidence to show that the low traffic policies installed are working very well and not having the adverse effects the Mayor says they are.
  • Many of the voters who voted for the Mayor don’t want to see these measures go.

Because the Aspire Party has a majority on the council, their motion against the low traffic areas passed easily. However, it was a good opportunity to debate the issues and investigate the claims made by both sides.


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