Victoria Park dog attack – dog warden response

29 March, 2023 | Local action

Following a high-profile dog attack in Victoria Park, the Tower Hamlets Dog Wardens have given some advice and reassurance around dealing with dangerous dogs.


Many residents will have been shocked to see footage of a dog attacking a police horse in Victoria Park a few weeks ago.

The story was reported on by the Daily Mail and other news outlets. The incident was filmed by a passer-by. WARNING viewers may find the footage distressing:

Statement from Dog Wardens

Following the incident, I contacted the Tower Hamlets Dog Wardens for some advice and reassurance. They sent me the following statement:

This owner will, I am sure, be prosecuted by the police. The police hold the power to enforce the Dangerous Dogs Act, and the offence in this case was allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control. The dog was seized and will no doubt be destroyed thanks to its owner’s irresponsibility, so we must hope the owner is sufficiently punished by the court to deter future dog ownership.

Fortunately, dog owners like this one are rare, but I’m afraid that while it is perfectly legal for people to breed and sell these dogs, they will continue to fall into the hands of inexperienced and incompetent owners.  The Dangerous Dogs Act bans 4 breeds of dog most notably the pit bull, but breeders circumvent this by breeding the now common type of dog known as a ‘bully’ (in various sizes) which are not banned but have similar characteristics to those which are. Licensing legislation only restricts the quantity of puppies produced, not the production itself. So while breeding and selling is legal, and there remains a ready market of people keen to part with hundreds of pounds for a ‘status’ dog, the problem will continue. 

I can at least reassure you that a dog attacking another animal is not an indication that the dog would similarly attack a human. However, the safety of any dog is completely dependent on the control exerted by its owner. I hope that the eventual outcome of this case will be as well publicised as the incident itself, so that whatever penalty is incurred by the offender can act as a deterrent to other dog owners who underestimate the importance of training and control. I would be grateful for your support of more robust dog breeding and licensing laws should the debate arise, and I thank you for your interest in this case.

More information

If you have any concerns about this case or another case involving dangerous dogs, the council’s dog wardens can be contacted here:

To report crimes, report to the police via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone (not 24h): 020 8649 3521
  • Second phone (not 24hr): 07917 013 349
  • Non-emergency MET number: 101
  • Emergency number: 999


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