Sorting out fly-tipping along Roman Road

17 August, 2022 | Local action

I’ve been working with the Council’s waste crews to make sure Roman Road stays clean and tidy.

What was the problem?

The corner of Roman Road with Medway Road had become a dumping ground for residents to put their waste. Rubbish bags, bulky fly-tipping and food all were piling up right up against a resident’s wall. It had become a really big issue.

The corner of Roman and Medway Roads had become a real dumping ground, and was missed by the council’s waste crews.

What have I done about this?

One of the first things I did once elected was ask the waste team about this issue. They told me that residents living above the shops on Roman Road are meant to leave their rubbish bags on the street and the Council’s crews come every day to pick them up.

But the pile of rubbish on the Roman/Medway corner often didn’t get touched for over a week at a time. I told the team about this, and asked what they would suggest as a solution.

What has happened since then?

Since I highlighted this issue to the team, the waste crews which visit the road now consistently remember to collect the bags from this corner. It has stopped being the eyesore and public health hazard it was before!

If you see another area in Bow West where there is a regular build-up of waste, please let me know and I will work with the Waste team to resolve the issues there.


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